Language Arts

A solid foundation for reading begins in our 4k classroom where the Happily Ever After language arts program is used as an introduction to the Superkids program used in grades kindergarten thru 2nd.  Superkids is endorsed by National Right to Read Foundation “as meeting and exceeding the practices recommended by Reading Science Research.” It provides fun & rigorous lessons that integrates reading, writing, spelling, and grammar.

Reading Street, a comprehensive reading and language arts curriculum, is used in grades 3, 4, and 5.  This language arts program also integrates reading, writing, spelling, and grammar through units that explore history, social skills, science, and many other topics.  It also offers a wealth of reading selections in many different genres and on-line experiences for high student engagement.

Students are also motivated to read more independently through the on-line Accelerated Reading program.

Grammar and writing skills are also strengthened by daily lessons from   Simple Solutions: Grammar and Writing Mechanics.



Grades K thru 5th use the Progress in Mathematics program, which focuses on building an in-depth understanding of key math concepts and skills by:

Building students’ foundational skills that are needed to become proficient in math

Using a sequential instructional approach to help learners gain    confidence and mastery of skills

Strengthening students’ comprehension levels with ample opportunities for hands-on learning & problem solving pertinent to today’s world.

Foundational skills are also strengthened through the use of Math Facts in a Flash on-line program.



Appropriate grade-level concepts are taught in the areas of Physical Science, Earth Science, Life Science, as well as Space and Technology.  Many STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities and experiments are also conducted to reinforce the concepts being taught.


Social Studies

Every grade covers grade-level appropriate concepts in government, citizenship, geography, culture, history, and economics.  In fourth grade students also learn about our great state of Wisconsin.



In art, students are taught the fundamental skills needed to create pieces of art using a variety of mediums. Service learning is also a big part of what they do in art, as many of their projects are given to elderly community members.



In music class students not  only learn vocal skills but also have the opportunity to learn how to play woodwind, percussion and stringed instruments!  Students have many opportunities to share their musical talents at various programs throughout the year.


Physical Education                                       

Our philosophy for physical education is to build strength and endurance through learning activities that can be enjoyed into adulthood.



Students meet in our computer lab twice a week and are taught many different essential computers skills by our certified technology teacher.  They learn to keyboard as well as how to use the various applications of Microsoft Office and the many applications that Google offers.

Digital Citizenship is also a curriculum taught in many of the classrooms. Through this curriculum students learn how to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world.  All of us at St. John’s feel it is important to teach social skills in this social networking age.