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Excellence in Education

St. John’s students have a proven record of academic excellence—students consistently score above average in standardized tests.  Additionally, our smaller class sizes offer students a greater chance of participating in all activities, resulting in a greater sense of responsibility and development of leadership skills. We offer many other educational benefits, including:

What makes St. John’s special?

  • We are able to provide small class sizes allowing for lessons to be personalized to meet each student's needs.
  • Students are able to practice public speaking through school programs and participating in church services.
  • We instill strong values in our students that carry over long after graduating from St. John’s School.
We're more than a school ... we're a family!
Our average class size is under 15, which allows our teachers to know every student as an individual and to respect each child for his or her own talents and gifts.
Faith & Community
  • Daily prayers and weekly all-school MassesFaith & Community
  • Service and outreach opportunities
  • Education based on Christian values
  • Public speaking opportunities

Curriculum Overview

At St. John’s all curriculum, in every grade level, follows the guidelines and standards established by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Diocese of Madison. Click on the links below to view the specific curricular standards. 

Each grade level and curricular area has a curriculum map on FACTS, which insures all standards in every subject area are covered in the lessons taught throughout the school year.