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Fifth Grade

Units of Study
Literacy: Literature circles are created around the interests and reading levels of the students.  These groups meet multiple times a week to discuss and analyze various genres of literature.  The award-winning digital literature program myON is also used to give students access to thousands of digital books at each student’s reading level.

Math: The textbook Progress in Mathematics is used as a basis to teach Multi-digit multiplication and division, fraction operations, and geometry.  Freckle Math is also used to differentiate lessons.  Freckle Math works with the STAR 360 math assessment to provide each student with lessons that fit his or her needs and ability level. Students can also participate in inquiry based lessons to allow students to discover math concepts through real-world scenarios. Freckle Math received the 2019 Tech & Learning Award of Excellence – Impacting Educators and Student Success.

Language Arts: Writing projects including narrative, expository, persuasive, or descriptive writing are usually tied to other areas of study throughout the year.

Science: Units in life, earth, and physical science are explored in conjunction with hands-on STEM activities.

Social Studies: Geography and American history are studied throughout the year.  myON News is used daily to provide age-appropriate timely news articles and current events allowing all students to learn about the world around them.

Religion: The religion curriculum includes Christian prayer, liturgy and sacraments, attending and participating in Mass, human growth and development.

In numerous curricular areas, hands-on STEM activities are incorporated.

Leadership Opportunities

Fifth grade students at St. John’s are given many opportunities to ready themselves for middle school.  Students are given more responsibilities, independence, and leadership roles. 

Safety Patrol– Fifth graders are tasked with the privilege to assist in the safety of our students.  They help ensure students get from the parish center to the school safely.

Serving at Mass— Fifth graders play an important role in training and building the confidence of younger servers.

Independence– Students are given several independent and group projects throughout the year.  These projects focus on individuality, teamwork and responsibility.  They allow students to show their creativity, leadership skills, solve problems, and present information.  Projects include dioramas, book reports, research papers and other writing projects, models, and science experiments.

Homework Club

All students in grades third through sixth have the opportunity to participate in Homework Club.  Homework Club is held most Mondays after school. Since buses have already left for the day, transportation must be provided by parents.

Homework Club gives students the opportunity to:

Ask the teacher additional questions on homework assignments

Receive additional support and instruction in any subject

Receive one-on-one instruction with the teacher

Work on individual and group projects in the classroom

Community Involvement

We encourage our students to involve themselves in the community through various outreach programs.  Students visit the Meadows, participate in an Advent Family, hold food drives, and make cards for veterans, homebound individuals, and those in nursing homes throughout our community.  These activities provide our students the opportunity to give back and become lifelong community members.

To maintain a clear line of communication with students and families, the fifth grade has a classroom blog.  This blog contains daily homework information, helpful tips, resources, and current events.