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First Grade 

Language Arts

In first grade SUPERKIDS is used as the Language Arts program, and encompasses phonics, memory words, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling.  In first grade students build off of what the students have learned with the SUPERKIDS program in 4K and Kindergarten. 


The math program, Progress in Mathematics, helps students understand concepts and become fluent in procedures.  Importance is placed on higher-order thinking skills and knowing math vocabulary. Students will learn addition, subtraction, money, place value, geometry, measurement, and how to problem solve.   Every math lesson begins with a "Number Talk" which allows students to explain, extend, and evaluate different strategies to solve a problem.  Manipulatives such as Rekenrek Math Counting Frames, Ten-Frames, and Base Ten Blocks are also used in math to assist in comprehension of a concept.


Science in first grade covers life science, earth science, physical science, space and technology.  Hands-on learning and STEM activities are incorporated into every unit.

Social Studies

Project-based learning is incorporated into the units of culture, geography, economics, history, and government in first grade.

Daily Schedule

Morning Work

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Teacher Read Aloud

SPECIAL (Art, Music, PE, or Spanish)

SPECIAL (Art, Music, PE, or Spanish)

Social Studies