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Sixth Grade

The option of attending sixth grade at St. John's was introduced in 2019 when 100% of the fifth grade class wanted to stay at St. John's for another year.  During the school year of 2019-20, the sixth grade was added to make a combined class of fifth and sixth grade.  Adding sixth grade is only offered when there is high percentage of families interested in this option.  Even as a combined class, students still receive a quality education with high academic standards, a rigorous curriculum, and individualized lesson plans based on their academic abilities.  Renaissance Flow 360 is a program that is used cross-curriculum and will aid in challenging students with exceptional abilities as well as supply resources to help students who struggle to reach their full potential.

Fifth and sixth grade provides students with several opportunities to ready themselves for middle school.  They are given leadership roles, more responsibility, and opportunities to help their peers.  With the help and guidance of parents and teachers, students will make a smooth transition into middle school.


Middle School Preparation

A typical day in the Middle School Prep classroom would begin with Math.   While fifth grade students receive direct instruction on specific math skills, sixth grade students would be working on  individualized lessons based on their specific academic needs.  Students would then switch roles.  Sixth graders would then receive direct instruction for math, while fifth graders work on individualized materials.

Students would participate in this same type of instructional format during reading class as well.  Groups of students would also form Literature Circles based on their interests and/or reading levels. 

Other academic areas would follow a seamless transition of all students learning together.  This is made possible by modifying assignments and expectations for each grade level.  Students would receive the information they need, at the level they require, in order to succeed into the next academic year.


Academic Success

With the help and guidance of parents and teachers, students will make a smooth transition into middle school, and eventually, the world beyond.  These high school seniors, all alumni of St. John's School, represent 10% of River Valley's Class of 2017 graduates.  They also represent one-third of all River Valley graduating students earning Summa Cum Laude, the highest rating in the Laude System.