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Donate to a Specific Cause
Clevertouch Interactive Displays

St. John’s School will soon have five Clevertouch Interactive Displays in the building. Our Home & School Association has already purchased two of them, and two were purchased with generous donations made by parishioners.  Another one will soon be purchased with the money raised from Bingo and our Culver’s Share Night. These interactive displays are an extremely useful educational resource.  They allow for multiple students to do hands-on activities pertaining to a lesson.  The Clevertouch also gives a teacher access to many different apps that can assist in teaching a specific concept at an appropriate grade level. 

We still have two classrooms that do not have an innovative Clevertouch Display.  If you would like to make a donation to help fund a Clevertouch Interactive Display for the kindergarten room or the third grade classroom, please contact school for details.

Science Programs and STEM Activities

Teachers at St. John's continually look for the latest activities and experiments to help students meet the science, math, and technology standards.  At St. John's our goal is to go beyond just teaching to the  curricular standards through textbooks. The student's inquiring minds don't stop at the end of a textbook chapter.  Therefore, teachers are consistently looking for hands-on activities to help the students physically find answers to their questions and can use manipulatives to help them problem solve.  The school's garden tower is a good example of this.  This tower was purchased with funds from a grant and donations.  The garden tower allows students to take ownership of growing the lettuce served in the salad bar which is part of our hot lunch program. If you would like to donate to this cause, please contact school.

Free and Reduced Lunch Expense

The hot lunch program at St. John's does not receive funding from the Department of Public Instruction.  Therefore, the school picks up the cost of providing a hot and delicious lunch to students that qualify for free or reduced lunch.   The money St. John's receives from collecting and recycling aluminum cans goes toward paying for these lunches.  However, in recent years, selling aluminum cans is not covering this expense.  If you would like to sponsor a child from a low-income family, please contact school.

General Donations

Of course, St. John's accepts donations not connected to a specific cause.  Having a fund that can help with unexpected expenses throughout the year is needed and appreciated.