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St. John the Evangelist

Education Commission

The primary goal of the Education Commission of St. John's Parish is the intellectual and spiritual development of the individual student.   The commission strives to assist the students in maturing through wholesome and worthwhile adjustments to their respective cultural, social, and economic environments.  The commission also strives to aid the student in the development of individual talents, opportunities, and personal adjustments both to others and to themselves.

Working in close collaboration with its executive officer, the principal, the pastor, and hearing its many publics, the Education Commission develops and defines the policies which govern education and faith formation programs and promote the implementation of said policies that will enable the parish to  reach its goals.

The responsibilities of the Education Commission include:

  • Establish and approve policies for education and faith formation programs.
  • Review an annual budget, which includes tuition rates and other student fees.
  • Articulate parish educational and faith formation goals and philosophies.
  • Coordinate long-range planning.
  • Interpret policies of the Diocesan Office of Catholic Schools.
  • Promote public understanding of, and support for, the Parish by publicizing parish educational and faith formation programs.

The Education Commission consists of at least six parish members including a representative of the Parish Council and five members appointed by the Pastor with the approval of the Education Commission chair.  The pastor, the principal of the school, the faith formation director, and the Home and School representative shall be ex-officio members of the Education Commission.

The current Education Commission members are:

  • Barb Louis (Parishioner)
  • Diane Baryenbruch (Parishoner)
  • Carolyn Hunter (Parent)
  • Alex Stanek (Parish Council Rep.)

The Education Commission meets monthly from August through May excluding December.  Special meetings may be called by the chair.  All regular meetings of the Education Commission shall be open to all interested parties.